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Area Mexico

Mexico has an area of 1,964,375 km².

Beaches Mexico

Mexico is bathed by four seas and has about 450 beaches. The Caribbean beaches are the most beautiful, though these are very busy because of the American mass tourism. The Riviera Maya also has calm beaches and lagoons. Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos have excellent beaches. The beaches on the Pacific coast are also fine. Acapulco is known for its beaches: Playa Caleta, Playa Caletilla, Playa Hornos and Playa Hornitos. Puerto Vallarta has beautiful beaches like Playa de los Muertos. All beaches in Mexico are public and free of charge.

Best travel time for Mexico

The best time to travel to Mexico is, December/ March, but you can also visit Mexico for the rest of the year just fine. In Yucatan sometimes occur hurricanes in October. Semana Santa is the busiest period.

Border formalities Mexico

For Mexico you need a passport which is valif for at least 6 months after returning. For stays shorter than 90 days, no visa is required. On presentation of a passport and return ticket you will enjoy a tourist visa in your passport upon arrival in Mexico. The possession of drugs is severely punished everywhere. Strictly prohibited the export of archaeological objects. There is an export ban for souvenirs made from protected animals or plant species. these species include coral, large shells, (sea) turtles, snakes, crocodiles, lizards, parrots, butterflies an orchids.

Campsites Mexico

There are campsites in Mexico, but the facilities are not always optimal, often you can sleep in a hammock. Most campsites are located in Baja California. Free camping is permitted, but not recommended for safety reasons. In smaller places along roads are often restaurants with shower, concentrating on truck drivers.

Capital of Mexico

The capital of Mexico is Mexico City. The city is located 2240 meters above sea level and is one of the largest cities in the world with approximately 20.032 million people. Mexico City was founded by the Aztecs in 1325.

Children in Mexico

Tours with children you can do well in Mexico. And it is also good to stay at the many beaches with children. Watch out well in the sun, lubricate the children regularly with a high factor and cover the head. Also make sure that children drink enough. Fifteen minutes from Playa del Carmen is the Xcaret theme park where you can go for a day. Fun for the kids. You can swim with dolphins or watch turtles.

Climate/ Weather Mexico

Because of the variation in landscapes the climate in Mexico varies considerably. The Tropic of Cancer roughly follows the boundary of the tropical and temperate zone. The differences in temperature fluctuate not very during the year. There is a rainy season in Mexico, during the summer months. Yucatán and the states of Tabasco, Chiapas, Veracruz and Oaxaca have a tropical rainforest climate. The plains in the north know hot summers and cold winters. From June / till November may occur hurricanes in Mexico.

Culinary Mexico

Mexican cuisine is a blend of Aztec, Maya, American and Spanish influences. A totally new kitchen arise from this: the Tex-Mex cuisine. There is a lot of corn in Aztec cuisine and they uses as well potatoes, beans, chillies, papaya and pineapple. Some typical Mexican dishes are: burritos, chili con carne, tacos, tortillas, nachos and guacamole.

Economy of Mexico

The Mexican economy is a free market economy. Before 1988, the Mexican market had a protectionist nature, now the characteristic is openness. The main sectors are the industrial and agricultural sectors. Mexico is a member of the G20 and the economy is closely linked to that of the United States. Mexico has one of the strongest economies in Latin America, but there are still major differences between poor and rich. The growth potential of Mexico increases as a result of structural reforms and the immediate growth prospects are favorable.

Education in Mexico

The Ministry of Education (Secretaría de Educación Pública, SEP) is the body responsible for education. The Ministry shares this responsibility with various national and regional bodies. Primary education is largely (93 percent) provided by the state. There are also private schools. Primary education comprises primary education (preescolar) (aged 5- 6 years), primary education (educación primaria) with a nominal duration of 6 years (age range 8-12 years) and lower secondary education (secundaria), which has a nominal duration 3 years (age range 14-15 years), (between 24 and 28 contact hours per week).

Electricity in Mexico

In Mexico they have 110/ 120 Volt. Sockets and plugs are the same as the US system. It is advisable to carry an AC adapter. The plugs are almost always flat feet instead of round.

Fauna Mexico

Mexico has a rich biodiversity. Mexico is the country with the largest variety of reptiles with 707 known species, second in terms of mammals, 438 species, fourth in amphibians with 290 and also fourth in flora, with 26,000 different species. Approximately 2,500 species are protected by law in Mexico. The eagle is the symbol of Mexico and one of the 1,000 bird species in the country.

Flora Mexico

Mexico is fourth in flora, with 26,000 different species, 170,000 square kilometers of the land is protected as a nature reserve. There are many cactus species in Mexico and heneqen (for sisal rope) and agave azul (for tequila). There are many colorful orchids.

General travelinformation Mexico

Mexico officially called the United Mexican States.

Geography of Mexico

Mexico in North America is bordering the United States, Belize, and Guatemale. Furthermore, the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The majority of the country consists of a high plateau in the east, south and west. In the middle of the plateau rises Popocatépetl (5452 m). It is located in the southeast and the Caribbean Sea bordering Yucatán peninsula consists of a limestone plateau. Tropical rainforest is found along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico; northern Mexicohas desert vegetation. Mexico has approximately the shape of a triangle with two prominent peninsulas: Yucatán and Baja California. Mexico measures 3,000 kilometers in the northwest to the southwest.

Government of Mexico

Mexico is a federal republic consisting of 31 states and Mexico City.

Health care Mexico

Vaccinations for Mexico are not required but recommended are vaccinations against Hepatitis A and DTP. For the most current information about required vaccinations, we recommend you to consult a competent authority in good time (at least 6 weeks before departure). For Latin American standards, Mexico has a pretty good hygiene. But you can not drink water from the tap. So keep it at water bottles with a sealed cap and do not take ice cubes. Food should be well cooked, so any bacteria are slain. Health care in Mexico is called generally good, though it can be quite variable in quality. Almost every town has a hospital or health clinic. Cash should usually be paid for treatment. Always have a good travel insurance.

Inhabitants of Mexico

Mexico has 116 220 947 inhabitants (2013).

Internet in Mexico

In general, the infrastructure for the Internet in Mexico is good. Especially in the more touristy places like Playa del Carmen, Cancun and Mexico City there is good coverage almost everywhere. A large Internet Service Provider for ADSL is Telmex. Broadband internet is available. Widely A large number of restaurants, hotels, bars and airports offers (wireless) internet connection. In most cases, you must pay.

Languages in Mexico

In Mexico 90% of the population are native Spanish speakers. Spanish is the official language. Mexican Spanish is slightly different from the Spanish spoken in Spain; especially in pronunciation and vocabulary. The variant spoken in Yucatán is called Yukateeks Spanish. A small part of the population (approximately 7.1%) have an Indian language as their mother tongue.

Money in Mexico

The currency in Mexico is the Mexican peso (MXN). The peso symbol is $, and is often extended to Mex $ to distinguish it from other pesos and dollars. In September 2014 the value of € 1 was equal to 17.04 pesos. Conversely, 10 peso was equal to € 0.58. The major credit cards (especially Visa Card) are accepted in almost all hotels and expensive restaurants and shops. Euros are accepted in few places, or only at a bad price.

Post in Mexico

Stamps (sellos) are available at post offices in Mexico. The Mexican post is generally slow.

Smoking in Mexico

Smoking is not allowed in Mexico in public places and on public transport. Smoking is allowed in Mexico in restaurants, cafés and bars in separate spaces.

Photography in Mexico

Especially the Indian population in Mexico generally do not appreciate it to be photographed. Especially in villages in Chiapas and Chamula, photography became not just tolerated. You must purchase a ticket here to photograph, but never in the church. In addition, it is forbidden to take photographs of military installations, government buildings, border crossings and airports.

Tipping in Mexico

Servicio ie service charge is generally included in the restaurant bill in Mexico. On top a tip of 10-15% is expected. Room Girls, porters, guides and taxi drivers expect a tip. Also, it is customary to give a small amount to the parking attendant who keeps an eye on the meter.


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